13 top Indian makeup artists to book for brides in 2022

Little did we know, Amrit Kaur is one of the famous makeup artists who is admired by many. Alia Bhatt’s best friend Kripa Mehta became a hot topic of conversation a few months back when Amrit Kaur showcased her expertise and worked wonders with #thepowerofmakeup.

Amrit Kaur is known for highlighting the bride’s eyes and lips, while keeping the focus on the rest of her face with a pastel palette of lower tones. This blend works wonders, and as a result brides create an extraordinary charm.

Professional makeup artist, Alia Baig, is one to remember when it comes to selecting the best in the field. Her studio is located in the heart of Hyderabad and offers the most up-to-date styles and procedures in the global beauty industry.

Alia not only has extensive knowledge of Indian cosmetics styles, but she is also an expert in the global cosmetics market. Her travel journals claimed to live up to and honor her strengths across land regions, and she raised societal preferences, merits and best practices in cosmetics.

Bridal makeup is an important aspect of your wedding day as it complements your appearance and keeps you looking pleasant and glowing all day long! Mumbai-based MUA Ankita Manwani specializing in Makeup and Hairstyling is one of these award winning MUAs. She has over four years of expertise in this field, and considers makeup to be a mystical addition to one’s personality, appearance and behavior as it always brings out the best in people.

His work is renowned and has received many accolades and awards; She is also qualified by renowned makeup artist Danielle Bauer and hairstylist Florian Hurrell. Ankita Manwani creates one of its kind presence for the clients based on their requirements and events.

She takes this opportunity to speak with her bridesmaids to make sure they are on the same page, especially when it comes to their wedding day expectations. She also keeps updated on current events. To get the best results, the Mumbai makeup artist uses professional-grade ingredients.

contact: +9893535635

7 – Chandni Singh

Chandni Singh is recognized to bring out the best in you on the basis of best fitting your style and giving you a more elegant and sophisticated look to grab everyone’s attention. Chandni Singh is a self-taught makeup artist who also runs her own makeup institute.

This clearly sets him apart as it takes a lot of effort to reach this level. Check out her webpage to see which bridal cosmetic package would be perfect for you, as she offers a variety of categories during the festive season.

Bridal Package: Starting from INR 42,000

location: Noida (Paid Travels)

contact: 76-66-77-88-99

6 – Shruti Sharma

Shruti Sharma recognizes the importance of the bride’s radiance and strives to transform the bride into her best self. She makes sure that her bridesmaids make all the difference to her by providing a stunning present that complements her personality.

Her cosmetics studio is in Chhatarpur, and she uses it to hone her abilities and establish herself as a bridal makeup specialist. She usually opts for a sophisticated and elegant makeup look with unique ideas to give you the ideal bridal look.

13 top Indian makeup artists to book for brides in 2022

Bridal Package: INR 40,000. Starting from

location: Chhatarpur (Paid Travels)

contact: +918800578358

5 – Sara Khan

Sara Khan Makeup Artist is a makeup expert from Lucknow. He has a lovely demeanor that exudes honesty, modesty and professionalism all at the same time. His former clients have always given him great recommendations.

Sara Khan is a makeup artist with a stellar reputation in the market who can truly offer you the world and is flawlessly executed. If you really want to look like a real life queen then she is a goddess.

13 top Indian makeup artists to book for brides in 2022

Bridal Package: Starting from INR 20,000

location: Indira Nagar, Lucknow

contact: +0091 9696268243

4 – Komal Gulati

Makeup professional with over 16 years of experience Komal Gulati has always been on the lookout for new trends and approaches, and she works tirelessly to hone her talents. Komal was always attracted to the brilliance of the profession and took her early steps by enrolling in a course at Mack London.

She has gone on to become one of India’s top air brush makeup artists, and she teaches at prestigious colleges including such elite ones. Her expertise has helped her stand out and manage to do just about anything as she recognizes the differences between her clients as well as how to transform them into stunning brides.

13 top Indian makeup artists to book for brides in 2022

Bridal Package: 1,00,000. Starting from

location: New Delhi (Paid Travels)

contact: [email protected]

3 – Jasmeet Kaspanya

Jasmeet Kapani is one of the most renowned personalities in the bridal beauty and cosmetics profession. She is a Makeup and Hair Artist working in Delhi NCR, who specializes in enhancing the fundamental facial features of clients in all appropriate ways.

With her ability to strike the right proportion between stylish and classical, she can be completely trusted with makeup looks. Jasmeet is known for her airbrushed makeup style and special effects makeup.

13 top Indian makeup artists to book for brides in 2022

Bridal Package: INR 35,000. Starting from

location: Delhi NCR (Paid Travels)

contact: +911140140801

2 – Meenakshi Dutt

Meenakshi Dutt is a well known and experienced Makeup Artist from Delhi who is proficient in Bridal Makeup. Her distinctive work style and ability to see the big picture allow her to deliver incredibly tailored hair and makeup treatments. She is well-versed in the intricacies of makeup application and guarantees you always look your best.

Meenakshi assures that you will do your best on your most important day, from fabulous hairdos to flawless cosmetics. Meenakshi has made a name for herself as a highly capable and experienced makeup artist.

13 top Indian makeup artists to book for brides in 2022

Bridal Package: INR 35,000. Starting from

location: New Delhi (Paid Travels)

contact: [email protected]

1 – Pakhi P. Siroya

Pakhi, a real artist, has an innate skill to create looks that have been the dream thing of most brides, making her the most wanted choice of almost every B-town bride. Her name is associated with perfect skin and flawless makeup. Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Hello, Grazia, Atul Kasbekar, Manish Malhotra, and Tarun Tahiliani are just a few of the brands that have collaborated with Pakhi.

Pakhi specializes in beautiful makeovers and uses only high-end cosmetics from internationally renowned brands. Its offerings are not only affordable, but they also go above and beyond the needs of the customer.

13 top Indian makeup artists to book for brides in 2022

Bridal Package: Starting from INR 60,000

location: Mumbai (Paid Travels)

contact: +918699889901

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Q: What type of makeup is suitable for Indian brides?

Answer: HD Makeup was developed to help Indian skin look flawless on screen. As a result, if you are a bride, HD makeup is a great option as you will be in front of the cameras all day. HD Makeup is suitable for all skin types.

Q: How is bridal makeup different from regular makeup?

Answer: The biggest difference between wedding and regular makeup is that bridal makeup takes a lot longer to execute and is a completely prepped process. Even though a makeup look is easy and quick to create, the makeup artist usually gives the bride a lot of time to make sure everything is flawless. Bridal makeup packages usually include additional items such as eyelash and hair extensions, dupatta and jewelry setting.

Q: Which bridal trend is popular among Indian brides these days?

Answer: We can see that brides prefer nude/pink lip shades instead of the traditional red/maroon tones.