3 reasons to love lipgloss

St. Jane Luxury Lip Shine is where it is!

1. It’s indifferent.

Well, it’s nostalgic for me, at least, lol! The shiny, sparkly tube takes me back to my 20s, when I was living in San Francisco and wandering between MAC Lychee Luxe (a recommendation from my mom), MAC Nymphet, and MAC Spite.

2. It is joyful and fun.

What is it about that shiny, mirror glow? It is very carefree, like the complete opposite of matte lipsticks, which I find formal and serious.

3. It’s easy to implement!

Talk about a no-brainer application, especially with some colors I can swipe on without thinking much (having to save my brain for being an adult these days).

For me those shades are peachy pink with shimmer, like the gloss I’ve been wearing lately, St. Jane Luxury Lip Shine in Nectar. I catch it before stopping on a video call (which I’m supposed to do in five minutes), or when I’m standing in my hallway and there’s no mirror, or when I’m sitting in the car for an afternoon school pickup and Need something.

Glow is always there for me, and it never asks for too much effort. I guess that’s the main reason I love it so much!

Do you have a gloss you love, or a glitter shade that has good memories attached to it?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. It was cold enough to wear a sweater this morning! I can’t tell you how thrilling it is to wear long sleeves, ha ha ha!