3 Recent Revelations, and Ilya Rococo Lipstick

Main Products: Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow in Ilia Rococo Lipstick, Ray and Chanel Malice Blush

1. Re-buying blinds for your home

We finally went inside and went to a store that specializes in blinds because all the options and colors just got too overwhelming.

We came out yesterday to have someone measure and walk you through the process, and the biggest thing I found was that consistency is key when you’re buying blinds.

For example, when all the shades or blinds are down and you’re looking at your home from the outside, it’s really nice to see all the window treatments match.

If you don’t want to do that, and say, you have a two-story house, you can match all the blinds on the first floor, and then have a different type of matching treatment on the top floor.

I have to say, you ideally want to have some sort of continuity with your window treatments! Who knew?

2. Ilya Rococo Lipstick Is Sweet, But…

I got this a while back, but haven’t worn it out a bit. It is a beautiful hot rosy pink lipstick which is loaded with pigments, but be careful about transferring it on your teeth. That’s why I’m smiling with my lips closed in the top pic, lol!

Ilia Tahiti Rococo
Fun with Ilia lip products!

3. You can wear a bodysuit without being flashy

Holy crap, this has been one of the oddly surprising game changers for me. I like the longer length of a bodysuit because I don’t like it when riding tucked-in shirts, but sometimes I can’t deal with the crotch part snapping and unsnapping. I read recently that if you’re not in the mood to snap, you can skip it and wear the bodysuit loose. This is what I’ve been doing lately, and it’s been fantastic.

However, here’s the thing: You have to make sure the bottom of your bodysuit doesn’t escape. It’s easy to keep track of the front, but it can be difficult to keep an eye on the rear. I achieve this by wearing pants with a high rise and/or a long blazer.

Have you made any revelations (aesthetic or otherwise) recently?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,