9 beauty mistakes that could be making you look older than you

Makeup is a double-edged sword that can make or break your entire look. For example, if you still use a darker lip liner and a lighter shade of lipstick, it can add years to your face. On the other hand, filling in the eyebrows can take years from the face in a jiffy. In this post, we list down 9 beauty mistakes that can make you look older than you are.

beauty mistakes that can make you look old

1. Applying a lighter or darker shade of foundation: Blending a foundation that looks white or a darker shade can ruin your entire makeup look. It is important to do base makeup properly and for this it is important to choose the right shade of foundation which matches your complexion. Hence, we have put together “10 Expert Tips on Choosing the Right Foundation” in this post.

2. Breaking Eyebrows Too Thin: Rule number one to look youthful is to fill in the brows well and this is why thicker and thinner eyebrows do the exact opposite. Shape the brows into a medium thickness and if your brows are light, fill them in with a pencil or powder and wax.

3. Not moisturizing the skin well before applying makeup: Well moisturized skin looks supple, supple and younger. Skipping moisturizer before applying makeup will highlight fine lines and wrinkles, so never skip moisturizer.

4. Applying Dark Lip Liner: The biggest makeup thing we can do is to line the lips with a very dark lip liner and then fill in the lips with a lighter shade. This is an age-old makeup technique and you should totally avoid doing it.

5. Too much blush on the apples of the cheeks: Too much blush on the apples of the cheeks does not make you look fresh or young. Use a light hand while applying blush and don’t forget to blend the blush properly.

6. Too Much Highlighter: Well, your Instagram feed might make you believe that there’s nothing like too much highlighter, but in reality, applying too much highlighter can ruin your entire look. Use the highlighter with a light hand and your skin will look glowing and glowing. In fact, here’s “how to apply highlighter flawlessly.”

7. Excessive use of makeup powder: Well-moisturized and dewy skin looks fresher and younger, and too much powder makes makeup dry and flaky. So, cut down on powder products and let the supple skin show through.

8. Not following the correct contouring technique: With contouring, you can sculpt your face the way you want. You highlight what you want to bring forward and what you want to focus on and you contour what you want to back off or what you don’t want to focus on. If your nose is chubby, you can draw thin strips of contour and highlight the middle, this will give the illusion of a thinner nose. If you have a wide forehead, a slight contouring on the forehead will give you the illusion of a smaller forehead. If you have a small chin, you can highlight your chin, which will make your chin look longer. It’s all about creating the illusion with makeup. But contouring in the wrong way can make you look old. Here is a detailed cream contouring and highlighting tutorial that you absolutely must check out to learn this technique.

9. Not blending the foundation properly: Makeup sponges and brushes help in blending the foundation better, but even with them, we leave behind harsh lines, which settle in the fine lines and over them Emphasizes. So, take your own sweet time for blending foundation, using the right tools.

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