After Some Mixed Feedback, Here’s My Honest Review of Glossier Solar Paint

Today, I am going to review the much awaited launch of Glossier – the shiny solar paintWhich is a glowing cream bronzer.

Glossier said this latest launch was its most requested product to date. Solar Paint now complements the brand’s Perfect Skin Tint, Stretch Concealer, Wowder, Cloud Paint and Haloscope to give you the complete makeup base.

However, since its release, this cream bronzer has received mixed reviews. While some people like its buildable formula and dewy finish, others have criticized the poor shade range, saying the product applies patchy.

So does Solar Paint live up to my expectations or does it leave more to be desired? Please keep reading for my honest review.

What is Glossier?

Established in 2014, Glossier is a popular beauty brand designed with natural and understated beauty in mind. Its products are known to be lighter in coverage, offer healthier looking skin and enhance one’s natural beauty.

Glossier, Inc. was founded in 2014 on the belief that beauty is not made in a boardroom – it is when you are part of the process.


The company believes that beauty is all about having fun, no matter where you are on your journey. Some of Glossier’s best-selling products include Boy Brow, Milky Jelly Cleansercloud paint and bam dotcom,

Glossier Solar Paint Claims

glossy solar paint review image

shiny solar paint Promises to make your skin look as if it has been sun kissed. It claims to condition and nourish skin with a natural-impact finish that blends effortlessly with the warmth of your fingertips.

We’ve added a doe foot to make sure your bronzer ends up in all the places the sun would naturally hit (a little goes a long way with this formula, so you’ll want to start with a few points, want to mix it up, and you can always make it from there)


Solar Paint promises to be further buildable and attractive on the skin. It is cruelty free and vegetarian as well.

Glossier Solar Paint in Flair Swatch

To give an indication of how the bronzer performs, I swatched it on the back of my hand, without a primer. I took two pictures: the first is applied directly to the back of my hand; The second one is a fair bit mixed.

As always, whether or not you buy makeup products shouldn’t be the deciding factor, but they can show you a lot about colors and textures. But sometimes products turn out differently on your hands than they do on your face.

The shade I own is Flair, which is the lightest Glossier Solar Paint shade.

Glossier Solar Paint in Flair Swatch
Flair applied directly to the back of my hand
Glossier Solar Paint Flare Swatch
The flare blended in a bit on the back of my hand, though not completely

I absolutely love flair. It’s really neutral. A lot of bronzers are warm-toned, which is great but they don’t work with cooler-toned makeup looks. In my opinion, this neutral bronzer will suit any makeup look. I also think it would be flattering on very fair skin tones or cooler skin tones, who might otherwise struggle with bronzer looking orange on their skin.

From the swatch alone, the consistency was creamy and it has added shine to this summery bronzy look. But how does it perform on my face?

application method

Unlike the highly rated Glossier Cloud Paint (a cream blush formula), the Solar Paint formula comes with a large doe foot applicator. A lot of people have said that they wish the cream bronzer was in a squeeze tube like Cloud Paint, but I really like this packaging. Do-Foot makes it easy to properly apply bronzer to your face. I usually put doe-foots directly on my face, but you can also put the product on the back of your hand and apply bronzer from there.

Glossier recommends using your fingers to apply the product. And contrary to a lot of reviews on YouTube, I totally agree that creams are the best way to apply bronzer. I tried using a densely packed brush to apply it and the bronzer looked clumpy and patchy. I found it very difficult to blend with the brush.

But when I used my fingers, the bronzer melted into the skin. It gives a natural, sheer finish. For reference, it’s nowhere described as Cloud Paints, which makes it easy to build the product to your desired effect. When I built up the bronzer in multiple layers, it never felt muddy or sloppy.

Luminous Solar Paint Review

Glossier Solar Paint Flare Image

I am totally in love with the look of this product on the skin. It’s bright enough to make your skin look healthy and glowing, but it’s not clogged with shimmer particles. Instead, your skin looks warm and glowing. Literally, it gives you that sun-kissed flush.

Like I mentioned earlier, Flair is a neutral shade, so it works with any makeup look. It’s not super pigmented, so you’re always going to get light-medium coverage. Ultimately, you won’t be able to achieve that “snatched” contour look using this product. If you love sculpted bronzers, this product will not be for you.

Because of its lightweight feel and skin-tightness, you can easily avoid applying solar paint on bare skin or over tinted moisturizers. It won’t feel heavy or out of place. The creamy formula is easy to work with as well, and I think it is very beginner-friendly.

I think the shadow range should be improved, though. 4 shades are not enough to cater to all the different skin tones. There seems to be a dearth of shades suitable especially for darker complexions. In some ways, darker shades seem like an afterthought, while lighter bronzers are more considered. almost double in bronzer shades Fenty Beauty Cheeks Off Freestyle Cream Bronzer RangeThat’s why Glossier should seriously expand the shadow range.

I also don’t think the Solar Paint formula is as unreliable as the Cloud Paint formula. It didn’t blow me away like that. But I still love it and can see myself using this cream bronzer, especially for more natural makeup looks.

Makeup Look Using Cream Bronzer

To show you what Glossier Solar Paint in Flair looks like on skin, I’ve created a natural, bronzy makeup look. I kept everything simple, just shimmery champagne and bronze eyeshadow, and used my trusty Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb.

Glossier Solar Paint Makeup Look Images
Glossier Solar Paint Makeup Look Images
Glossier Solar Paint Makeup Look Images

I really like how it looks. It makes my skin look bronzed, glowing and healthy. For this look, I applied about 3 layers of solar paint to get more warmth and shine. Glossier has 100% pulled off the dewy-but-not-shaggy finish of this bronzer.

where to buy

Retailing for £17 for 13 ml of product, you can buy Solar Paint shiny, It is quite expensive considering how much bronzer you get in the tube, but I am happy to pay it as I can never finish bronzer. Seriously, when was the last time you finished bronzer? I think it will take some time for one to go through this product, unless you are bronzer crazy.


Despite the mixed reviews online, I really like shiny solar paint, It’s buildable, melts into skin easily, and has a gorgeous glossy finish. Flair is the perfect shade for me, and I can see myself using this bronzer.

Rating: 4.5 stars

However, Glossier should definitely improve the shade range. It’s also not as wonderful as the Cloud Paint formula.

Would you rather choose a cream bronzer or a powder bronzer?