Apples and Oranges! Seasonal Apple Treats from Trader Joe’s, and a Bare Minerals Mascara Made with Orange Peel

I’m wearing mascara that has orange peel fibers in its formula!

One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies is from “Good Will Hunting,” and it’s when Matt Damon’s character, Will, tells a nerdy university student, “How do you get them apples? I like it?” Ahh! Classic.

Speaking of apples, I came to TJ’s yesterday and it was all apples everything. I grabbed a Harvest Apple Salad Kit (the dressing is super yummy; I add chopped hard-boiled eggs for extra protein), a jar of Apple Cider Fruit Spread, and a bottle of Honey Crisp Apple Cider.

I came close to buying a box of Apple Hand Pies in the bakery section, but I told myself I needed to chill because I was making it my mission to finally bake an apple pie from scratch.

Pies are too intimidating for me! There are so many steps, right? You have to make the crust, and then the filling. Then you have to assemble it, and bake it, and then wait forever and a day for the pie to cool so you can actually cut it without falling apart… I don’t know, it’s compared to cake Sounds so tough, cupcakes or brownies.

Anyway, it’s time for me to start a pie search, so I’ve been researching different apple pie recipes. All this to say, if you have a solid apple pie recipe, please accompany it, and put me out of my misery. I really need to bake this pie and get it out of my system, lol!

Well, from apples to oranges… I’m still on the hunt for a new favorite mascara, and I recently tried one after another bare minerals called maximists Which uses the fibers of the orange peel to add volume. Interesting! The brush is mad-city – huge!

If you’re looking for bigger lashes, this mascara keeps curls, doesn’t layer or smudge, lengthens, removes easily‚Ķ basically, the complete shebang! However, the brush messes things up. It picks up too much product, and unless I am really good about removing the excess, mascara tends to be clumsy and messy. very bad. It could have been great. Search continues.

You have a nice rest Wednesday.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,