Beauty Chat! Big Cats for Chantecaille and the Rise Face of Instagram

I love big cats and I can’t lie!

By the way, if you sang those words to yourself with the melody of “Baby Got Back,” PROPS.

big cats, especially black jaguars and cougars, Decorate the Latest Fall Eyeshadow Palettes by Chantecaille, As a feline enthusiast, all I have to say is meow!

I’m intrigued by the blue and bronze shadows black jaguar palette ($75). I’ve been into glossy lids lately, and the color and finish seem purr-fect for glowing lids with a soft swish of liner.

in neutralE Cougar Collection Palette ($75) look very chic, though. I know I’ll reach for it quite often, though I’m not sure how the shades will translate on tan skin – a touch too light might be.

If you had to choose between the two, which one would you take home? I’m going to keep both in my car along with a jar of Future Skin that I’ve wanted for ages, just for fun.

There are also four gorgeous new Lip Cheeks. i think i would like one of these color from cougar collection, Prairie Smoke (a mocha nude) and Yarrow (a peachy nude) both, look like shades I love.

Side note, this craze is how the price of makeup has gone up over time. Back in 2010 a Lip Chic was $30! Now it’s $48.

On another beauty note, I read a story in the “New Yorker” this morning about the rise of the “Instagram face,” and it shocked me.

Apparently the accessibility of fillers combined with the less-than-no recovery time is changing the Instagram algorithm of how women want to look, and a shift toward everyone who looks like the same “sexy baby tiger” on social media. is movement.

What do you think about it?

I want to be diplomatic about it because hey, if you like it and you have the means, that’s your thang, right?

But I can’t help but feel sad reading this story because I can see myself as a young, impressionable preteen or even a teenager, and I know this relentless message will make me feel bad about myself.

I realize that wearing makeup, changing your hair color, getting a perm or shaving your legs is also changing one’s appearance to fit a certain idea, but filling in your brows with a pencil to accentuate them Doesn’t seem as extreme as spending thousands. Filler to look like every other Kim K clone on Insta.

Anyway, these are the beauty things that are on my mind right now.

Unrelated, but I didn’t know it was Thursday, until 8am! Had a crazy week. Connor had already caught his first cold of the school year and no one in our house is sleeping well.

I’m ready to buy chicken soup and wicks (the Filipino mom’s treat for everything).

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,