Bronze and Shiny Makeup with Rose Ink and Laura Mercier

O friend! I had to do makeup today because I had a short video presentation to give to everyone at work today. was i a little nervous? Yes. However, makeup always helps me feel more confident. I

I’m really on a non-powder makeup kick, so I picked up some new ones from Rose Ink and Laura Mercier.

Rose Ink Skin Enhancer Luminous Tinted Serum Is a sheer, light skin complexion with a luminous finish. You pump a little onto the back of your hand, blend the pigment sphere into the serum with a finger or brush, and then blend the product onto your face. Some fun! A 1-ounce bottle is $49 at Sephora, though if you don’t mind waiting for shipping, Rose Inc. is currently offering 25% off a site-wide sale on everything, including this skin tint.

By the way, it’s available in 14 shades, and mine is 80 in case you’re wondering.

If this formula looks a bit like what you’ve seen before — good look! channel creates something similar in form of both Les Beige Water Fresh Complexion Touch ($65) and Las Beige Water Fresh Tint (also $65). I’ve worn Chanel Water Fresh tint before, and the Rose Ink version seems to have less pearl.

Anyway, this is my first time taking it for a spin, and so far I love it! I need to wear this for a few more days to find out if this is something I can enthusiastically recommend, so I’ll get back to you.

this look is new to me too Tinted Moisturizer Blush by Laura Mercier ($28 each). I picked up Corsica, a bright peach, and Beach, a warm bronze brown. I’m wearing the Corisca in the top picture.

Temperatures hit the low 90s today and Corsica is still on my cheeks! In a magnifying mirror, I can see a bit of patchiness (I have to look *really close*), but considering how much I’ve been sweating all day and the mask I wore at Trader Joe’s, I think It still remains well.

I am going to try it on bare skin next to see how it holds up!

What makeup did you do today?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,