Check In: ​​Nordstrom Anniversary Purchases, Beauty Recycling, New Favorite Dinner Dish, and 10 Deep Breaths

Hey there, friend. how’s it going? My week has been cray-cray. Yet despite this, I still somehow managed to hit the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Laugh out loud!

Ya know, I didn’t really buy anything beauty related. I spent my lunch money on rebuilding my wardrobe! I did a serious cleanse a while back and I’ve been saving ever since wardrobe basics, I bought tops in neutral colors (Including this white lace top), jacket (a black blazer And a denim moto) And some bralettes, The sale is still going on, so if you find something you love, grab it before July 31, which is when the sale ends.

Anyway, did you know that when you shop online from the Nordstrom website, you can have your items shipped to Nordstrom Rack (which is Nordstrom’s chain of “discount” sister stores)? Oh, and did you also know that you can return items you bought at Nordstrom to Nordstrom Rack? I realized this recently.

The advantage of this is that if you live near Nordstrom Rack (there’s a Rack in my city about 10 minutes from my house), it allows you to shop from Nordstrom and return with ease. This is both wonderful and dangerous for me!

When I was at Nordstrom Rack yesterday to pick up my Anniversary Sale loot, I saw a display for recycling beauty products. Nordstrom now has a program called Nordstrom BeautyCycle, And they accept many different types of beauty packaging for recycling. very quiet!

Let’s see, what else is happening? I’ve been making a delicious, quick dish for dinner lately – Thai Basil Shrimp. I got the idea for this recipe from this recipe I found on Laura in the Kitchen. The original recipe calls for chicken but I substitute it for shrimp. I also use capsicum instead of capsicum as I don’t like too much heat.

I love this food because it is fast! If I start making rice right before I prepare all the ingredients, I can have a full meal in about 30 minutes.

One thing to note: Shrimp cooks faster than chicken, so I reduce the time to avoid over-cooking the shrimp. Also, since we eat gluten-free meals at our home because of El Hub’s wheat allergy, I use gluten-free soy sauce, oyster sauce, and fish sauce, which I buy from Whole Foods.

Before I left, this little habit has been saving me lately! I set alarms throughout my day to remind me to stop and take 10 deep breaths. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately and taking time to breathe and reset definitely helps keep my sanity.

Whatever it is, I miss you. Hope things are stable and calm at the end of your keyboard.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,