Check in: OPI You Sustain Me, Fighting the Yuck, The Window Covering Saga, Lounge Pants and more!

hello how are you

Hiya! Is it Wednesday already? I haven’t left the house in three days. Before we delve into the why behind that statement, so that it’s even marginally related to beauty, here’s this week’s self-care gem OPI’s eternal glow in you is what keeps me going,

cute, yes? I have a thing for creamy mauve lately.

We’re down to Connor being really sick. 🙁 She finally caught the respiratory virus that has been rampant in our throats for the past few months, and it has turned rough on her little body.

She is not feeling well.

Long story short, because of the pandemic, kids her age haven’t had a chance to go through the normal waves of the virus that happen when they’re young. Now everyone is catching up and getting sick left and right.

Today she is feeling a little better; I think he has overcome the toughest part and is finally on the mend. fingers crossed.


In addition to dealing with what we’re calling “fighting the sneeze,” it’s as noisy as it gets outside. The exterior of our house is currently being painted (the home owners association in our neighborhood forces this to be done every few years), and for some reason these particular painters are very loud. There is banging, drilling and all kinds of nonsense going on outside. My nerves are shot!

Chaos in our front yard!

The good thing is, though, that I can draw the curtains (YAY) and close all the blinds and roller shades so they don’t have to see us wearing pajamas 24/7 when we’re inside.

Windows and blinds and roller shades, oh my!

It only took months, but we finally got all of our window treatments done. And now I know enough about the whole process to do it again if I ever had to.

Shout out to Hunter Douglas Blinds!
Ah, the shit of real life.

All I have to say is Hunter Douglas in every way! If you’re prone to indecision when it comes to home decor (the story of my life), you really can’t go wrong if you go the Hunter Douglas route. We’re really happy how ours turned out.

The window covering saga of 2022, aka what we got in the end

By the way, all of these play well with the shade of paint we’ve chosen, Benjamin Moore Simply White.

benjamin moore simply white

OK, what else is going on?

Movies to add to your list

I saw the movie “Where the Crawdads Sing” on Netflix the other day, which I really enjoyed.

best lounge pants

I bought a pair of these joggers from Target for 20 bucks, and they are the kiss of the chef! so soft. And they have pockets! I want another pair or two or twelve. Haha

California to Hawaii?

El Hub is actively campaigning for us to go to Hawaii. I mean… Homeboy’s been working this angle since the day I met him (local boys always want to go back, it seems), but it’s kicked into overdrive lately. I have mixed feelings about it.

Beach on one side…

teeth whitening tips

I went to the dentist last week to have my teeth cleaned, and the dental hygienist told me that to prevent staining from coffee and whatnot, the best time to brush your teeth is actually after your drink. It’s *before* drinking – not immediately afterwards.

She told me that if you brush immediately after drinking coffee, this fluid tends to push into your teeth and stain them even more. According to him, it’s better to brush beforehand to remove all plaque so the coffee/tea/whatever you’re drinking can stick less.

anyone. This is what is happening here. how is your ending?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,