Holiday Hair: Do you bother styling your hair when you’re on the go?

It really depends on what kind of trip it is.

If it’s a trip that includes outdoor adventures like camping, or visiting the beach or pool on any given day, chances are the styling is minimal – followed by shampooing and conditioning (I wash my hair every day) ‘I’ll work in some leave-in conditioner, let it air dry and then use claw clips to make a ponytail, bun or French twist. Maybe if I’m feeling ambitious I’ll tone down cray-cray baby hairs with some brow gel.

The funny thing is, it doesn’t stop me from bringing a styling tool every time we take outdoor trips like this, even though I know I’ll be doing minimal work with my hair. what can I say? There’s something about having the option to do my hair that just makes me feel a little relaxed!

Case in point: There’s a t3 curling iron sitting in my luggage right now, and even though I probably won’t touch it during travel, I love knowing it’s there in case I change my mind.

Now, if the trip is centered around sightseeing in a city, I’ll usually try to style it, even if it’s just a few loose curls with my curling iron, so my hair doesn’t look too crazy in pictures.

Is your vacation hair routine the same as your non-vacation hair routine? Are you tired of styling your mane when you’re on the go?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,