How to get the beautiful summer glow Bare Minerals Blonzer Review

Yes, I accidentally dropped the blender (hence a slight dent in the pan) and it chipped a bit. and yeah i’m annoyed with it lol

Have you ever wished for the warmth of bronzer with a healthy flush of color that blushers bring? thoroughly Bare Minerals General Nude Blonzer 2 and gives you an effortless sun-kissed glow.

In this review, I share my honest thoughts on how BareMinerals Blonzer fared with a few easy swatches and warm-toned makeup looks. Keep reading to find out how to get that great summer glow with this unique product.

What is bare mineral?

BareMinerals is a popular cruelty-free beauty brand, focusing on ingredients that are good for your skin and natural minerals that help improve skin’s appearance. It says its products are clinically proven to not clog pores or cause breakouts.

Launched in 1995, BareMinerals Original Loose Mineral Foundation revolutionized the beauty industry with its clean, skin-friendly formula.

bare minerals

Some of BareMinerals’ best-sellers are Original Loose Powder Foundation SPF15, SkinLongevity Long Life Herb Serum And Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer Hydrating Gel Cream SPF30,

BareMinerals General Nude Blonzer Claims

Bare Minerals General Nude Blonzer Kisses Of Copper Image

Bare Minerals General Nude Blonzer Combines the radiance of a bronzing powder with a flush of blush in one step, which promises to smooth and reduce the look of imperfections.

An effortless, fresh-from-the-beach glow is just a sweep away.

bare minerals

Boasting a silky texture, BareMinerals says the blender blends seamlessly and creates a luminous finish that mimics your skin’s natural glow after a day in the sun. According to the brand, each bronzer is buildable, brightening and evens out all skin tones.

The Ordinary Nude Blonzer Kiss Of Bare Mineral Copper Sampler

To let you know how the bronzer performs, I have swapped it out. As always, the swatch isn’t the perfect test of how great a product is going to look on your face, but it can be great at informing you about the shade, pigmentation, and quality of a formula.

The sampling below was done on the bare hand, without primer and without blending. I chose the shade Kissing Copper, which is a gorgeous copper shade.

The Ordinary Nude Blonzer Kiss Of Bare Mineral Copper Sampler
The Ordinary Nude Blonzer Kiss Of Bare Mineral Copper Sampler

As you can see, the color payoff is intense. From swatching alone, I would not describe BareMinerals Blonzer as not buildable but instead richly pigmented. If it is blended, as you do on your face, the effect will be softer.

I think the shade is stunning and absolutely ideal for summers. It’s giving me beach vibes.

Bare Minerals Blonzer Review

My Girl Simone Introduced Me to BareMinerals Blongers for the First Time on Her Blog beautymon (If you’re a beauty lover like me, you need To check out his blog. That’s great!). They really caught my attention as the colors were stunning and the products looked innovative. Though I loved the other shades – Kiss of Pink and Kiss of Rose – I thought Kiss of Copper looked like the best blusher-bronzer hybrid, while the other 2 looked like blushers.

I am so happy that I picked up one of these bronzers as I am so impressed with it! The product easily melts into the skin and gives a healthy, glowing flush of complexion. Kiss of Copper matches the concept of a blusher and bronzer perfectly. It is also not too shimmery, which I like as it is far more wearable and does not emphasize the skin texture. The shimmer particles are subtle, so don’t worry if you’re usually averse to shimmer.

I’ve noticed that some reviews mention it as well, but I certainly wouldn’t describe the blender as “buildable”. The color payoff is very intense, so you have to go with a light hand when you use this product. Despite this, I found that when I applied too much product, it was very easy to blend into the skin and it never looked patchy.

Makeup look using Blonzer

I went to my sister’s birthday BBQ last weekend and wanted to try the Naked Minerals Blonzer because it was so hot. I thought it would be ideal for July vibes.

BareMinerals Zen Nude Blonzer Makeup Using Look of Shade Copper Image
What shade of copper is the BareMinerals General Nude Blonzer Makeup Look using?

As you can see, it looks very natural on the skin while adding warmth and glow. It’s also an ‘on the go’ kind of item because a little flush of color on top of a tinted moisturizer makes your complexion look fabulous. I am really in love with it.

I also wear the following products, which I reviewed independently from this blog post: Glossier Boy Brow in Blonde, Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow and NARS Cosmetics Soft Matte Complete Concealer in Nougattin.

where to buy

Retailing for £24 for 3.4g of product, you can buy from BareMinerals General Nude Blonzer bare minerals, unique either great to look at,

It is obviously more on the expensive side for a makeup product as 3.4g is not much product. Have you ever run out of powder cheek products, though? Neither do I I don’t mind spending money on products that take ages to hit the pan.

Plus, this blender is so pigmented that it’s going to take me ages to finish it because of how little product do you need to take on a big fluffy brush for a whimsical glow.


bare mineral bronzer kiss of copper image

This bronzer is clearly a great blusher bronzer hybrid. It perfectly marries the two together to help you achieve an effortless and gorgeous summer glow. It is pigmented, glow-enhancing and easy to blend.

Rating: 5 stars

I am very glad that I bought this product.

What is your favorite BareMinerals product? Would you ever wear this bronzer? let’s discuss in the comments