Jade Thirlwall x Beauty Bay 42 Color Palette Review

in this Jade Thirlwall x Beauty Bay 42 Color Palette In review, I discuss all the reasons why this affordable, high-quality palette is such a staple in my makeup collection.

When this eyeshadow palette launched last October, I immediately fell in love with it. I love the color story of the palette as it has a great mix of everything. Vibrant shimmer, neutral matte, cool tones, warm tones, dark shades, pastels – you name it, this palette has it.

I was very attracted to the versatility of the palette. Few shades were actually so interesting and not included in my current eyeshadow collection. Also after enjoying the overall formula of the Beauty Bay EYN Bright Matte 42 Color Palette, I wanted to try a new Beauty Bay eyeshadow formula.

spoiler ALERT: Jade Thirlwall x Beauty Bay 42 Color Palette is untrue. The quality is insane. Keep reading for swatches, some makeup looks using certain shades, and my overall thoughts on this 42-pan eyeshadow palette.

What is Beauty Bay?

Beauty Bay is a large, online retailer of makeup, skincare, haircare, wellness and body care products. It stocks a wide variety of brands, from major multinational brands like Maybelline to popular Korean skincare brands like Dear, Claires.

In 2018, Beauty Bay launched its own line called Buy Beauty Bay, which has become very popular. The Cosmetics line is renowned for its affordable yet high-performance eyeshadow palettes.

Who is Jade Thirlwall?

Jade Thirlwall is the founder of one of the biggest girls’ groups of all time – Little Mix. Not only does she have an incredible voice (she’s my favorite Little Mix member), but she’s amazing at makeup.

Claims of Jade Thirlwall x Beauty Bay 42 Color Palette

jade thirlwall x beauty bay 42 color palette

Jade Thirlwall x Beauty Bay 42 Color Palette Intensely pigmented, blendable and promises to be long-lasting in Beauty Bay’s “iconic” formula. According to the brand, it’s vegan and cruelty-free, with celestial matte and crystallized shimmer shades.

From the top left to the bottom right of the palette, the colors are described as:

  • Only Good Vibes – A Dusty Beige Matte
  • Tarot – a burnt orange matte
  • Dawn – a bright orange matte
  • Red Planet – a red matte
  • Space Jam – an orange/red matte
  • what’s your sign hun? – A Copper Gold Shimmer
  • Angel of the North – A Burgundy Matte
  • hello – a nude shimmer
  • 22:22 – a lime matte yellow
  • Sand Dancer – A Yellow Shimmer
  • Affirmation – a tan matte
  • Galaxy – a white/pink shimmer
  • ethereal – a pale lilac matte
  • Natural Beauty – A Peach Matte
  • Soul Mate – a deep purple matte
  • Galactic – A Purple Shimmer
  • Day Dreamer – a lilac matte
  • Alien – A Gold Flicker
  • Retrograde – a bright pink matte
  • Rose Quartz – A peachy pink shimmer
  • Love Aura – a bright pink shimmer
  • starry eyes – a light brown shimmer
  • Intention – a cool nude matte
  • Confetti – A Silver Shimmer
  • North Star – a royal blue matte
  • Sun skin – a copper shimmer
  • Nefertiti – a brown matte
  • Legacy – a grayish shimmer
  • Capricorn – a dark brown matte
  • Zodiac – a deep teal shimmer
  • Head in the Cloud – a pastel blue matte
  • Horizon – A Bronze Shimmer
  • Serenity – a pastel mint matte
  • Jade – A Jade Shimmer
  • Full Moon – A Hot Nude Matt
  • Mother Earth – A Khaki Shimmer
  • Orion – a khaki mat
  • Chakra – a dark nude matte
  • Celestial – a midnight blue matte
  • Crystal Clear – A Baby Blue Shimmer
  • Tourmaline – a matte black
  • Moonlight – a blue shimmer

Jade Thurwall x Beauty Bay 42 Color Palette Swatch

Swatches should never be used as your final decision to buy or not to buy a product as eyeshadow can perform better on the lids and makeup is very much down to the individual’s preference. However, samples can help you see how tinted a particular product is and what the formula is like.

I swapped out all 42 shades on my arm without primer:

How amazing are the samples?! With the exception of a few mattes which are a bit chalky and patchy, each shade is richly pigmented and buttery smooth. I especially loved the formula of the shimmers as they have crazy color payoff and catch the light in the most beautiful way.

Makeup Looks Using Palettes

I have shared some makeup looks using Jade Thirlwall x Beauty Bay 42 Color Palette on the ‘village’

The former is a classic warm-toned smoky eye paired with red lipstick. Your classic glam. I absolutely love how this eye makeup turned out, courtesy of my amazing sister! The pop of gold shimmer really brings the smokey eye to life.

The second look is a more abstract eyeshadow with a pop of vibrant matte pink in my inner corners. Although this is not my favorite look, I wanted to experiment with some of the vivid colors in the palette as they are great to exfoliate. Also, I don’t usually do these kinds of looks, so it was time to switch things up. I’m happy with the end result, and Matt did well.

honest review

i am very impressed with Jade Thirlwall x Beauty Bay 42 Color Palette,

First of all, I love the whole astrology topic going on. The design on the front of the palette is stunning, and the shade names have a cosmic theme. This is a very aesthetically pleasing eyeshadow palette.

Also, the palette comes with a huge inside mirror. I always opt for this palette while traveling as the mirror is very convenient.

The color story is my favorite thing about this palette. When you want to push the boundaries, there’s a huge array of colors to choose from, from wearable staples to experimental hues. There are some really unique shades too. Orion, the khaki matte, is gorgeous. So is rose quartz, peachy-pink shimmer, which reflects light in a really captivating way.

Unfortunately, there is some inconsistency with the formula. I would say 85% of the shades have a 10/10 formulation. They are buttery, pigmented, blendable and easy to manufacture. All the shimmers I have used have been exceptional.

However, some mattes are a bit chalky and patchy. Although Orion is a shadow that speaks to my soul, it is not that easy to work with. It is quite crooked. Northern Star, Vivid Royal Blue Matte, is not pigmented like other shades. It’s a shame, but they are still doable.

jade thirlwall x beauty bay 42 color palette

The shade has incredible lasting power. They are some of the longest wearing eyeshadows I have ever tried. After spending a full 8 hours in Edinburgh, my eyeshadow didn’t budge or fade.

And this palette is so affordable. It costs £30 for 42 shades which is really such good quality. Plus, the palette often goes on sale!

where to buy

Jade Thirlwall x Beauty Bay 42 Color Palette It costs £30 and is available at Beauty Bay. At the time of writing this post, the palette is Currently £15. is on sale for,

Do I Recommend Jade Thirvall x Beauty Bay 42 Color Palette?

100%. If you are looking for a highly versatile and good quality eyeshadow palette, I cannot recommend this enough.

Rating: 4.5 stars

If the palette had a consistent formula, it would get an easy 5 stars from me. I use it all the time. However, some mattes are a bit patchy and powdery, so I cannot justify 5 stars at all.

But it is a total steal for the 42 shades. For those who twinkle alone, Jade Thirlwall x Beauty Bay 42 Color Palette Worth a pick if you are an eyeshadow lover like me.

Do you prefer large eyeshadow palettes like this one, or do you prefer smaller palettes?