Lisa Aldridge Foundation Review and Simple Makeup Look

ok so how do you feel afterwards forevermy honest Lisa Aldridge Foundation Review is finally here!

Lisa Aldridge makeup has always fascinated me for a few reasons. First, because products made by a makeup artist almost always slap. seriously. They’re the kind of products makeup professionals want to use themselves, so you know they’re going to be good. And secondly, because I’ve never heard a bad word about Lisa Aldridge products. They always get glowing reviews, so I wanted on some of this goodness.

I bought this foundation in January before setting my 2022 no-buy/low-buy – so it doesn’t count people!

If you want to find out if this £44 Foundation Coin is worth it, keep reading for my full review, where I break down everything you need to know about it. Lisa Aldridge Foundation,

Who is Lisa Aldridge?

Lisa Aldridge Is a world famous legendary makeup artist. Her many celebrity clients include Dua Lipa, Kate Winslet, Bella Hadid, Emma Watson, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and more. She knows all about makeup and creates everything from dewy looks to avant-garde innovations wearable for the catwalk.

Lisa created her own makeup line in 2018, which includes lipstick, a foundation, highlighters, liquid eyeshadow, and more. This makeup line is highly acclaimed and popular among makeup lovers across the globe.

The Lisa Aldridge Foundation Claims

Lisa Aldridge Foundation Image

Lisa Aldridge Foundation Promises to be skin-friendly with customizable medium coverage that can be dialed up or down. It claims to be self-setting with a noticeable soft-focus finish.

The final finish is neither dewy or flat matte but somewhat skin-like and in between.

Lisa Aldridge

This foundation is supposed to be easy to blend into the skin for a smooth effect. According to Lisa, this formula contains a natural mesh-like ingredient that fuses completely with the skin after blending.

How to Apply Lisa Aldridge Foundation

You can apply this foundation however you want – with fingers, a brush, or a damp sponge. I personally think that using a brush gives the best results and gives you more precise, smooth application. However, if I want lighter coverage, I use a damp beauty blender to blend this foundation into my skin.

shade range

It has an impressive 40 colors Lisa Aldridge Foundation range, with a uniform representation of the depth of the entire skin. What I mean by this is that there are no 30 shades for light skin, with only 5 shades for medium, and 5 darker shades, unlike some foundation shade ranges.

Looking at the different shades, you can tell that this foundation line is well thought-out. Various shades are represented in this entire range, with a great selection of undertones from the very cool cool-toned complexion to the rich neutral-toned deep complexion. And we identify as an inclusive brand!

Makeup Look Using Lisa Aldridge The Foundation

to show you how Lisa Aldridge Foundation Looks on the skin, I have created a simple makeup look. The look was created with primer, under-eye concealer, setting powder, a bit of dewy setting spray, and a bit of bronzer.More about what a bronzer is, and why I love mine so much here) and, of course, the foundation. I deliberately didn’t use blusher, contour, or highlighter to keep my base natural and give you a more accurate representation of what foundation looks like on my skin.

Below, I used 2 pumps of foundation for more medium-full coverage:

Lisa Aldridge Foundation Makeup Look Images

As you can see, the finish is very skin like. It is neither matte or dewy, but it has a kind of satin sheen going on. I absolutely love the finish. It looks soft and smooth on my skin, without sinking into any fine lines or creases or emphasizing the texture.

Lisa Aldridge Foundation Review

Lisa Aldridge Foundation Is an absolute winner and has earned the status of one of my favorite foundations.

And here’s why.

Firstly, the packaging is amazing. The product is housed in a heavy and not-so-expensive glass casing. Plus the bottom of the bottle is flat so that the foundation lays flat on your desk without rolling. Not only is this awesome for taking flat out, but it also keeps the bottle from rolling around on my desk.

I chose shade number 6, which is described as “light with golden undertones”. Buying foundation online is always a gamble, as you can never really be sure whether it’s going to be a great shade match for you. Thankfully, shade number 6 is a perfect match for me. I found the matching feel pretty accurate from looking at the pictures alone, so I think Lisa breaks it down right there.

But, if you are unsure about which shade to buy, you can grab a sample card, These sample cards have 4 different shades for you to try on within a specified skin depth, which is great, before making the full purchase.

Beyond the perfect shade match, I’m obsessed with satin skin-like finishes Lisa Aldridge Foundation, It is also customizable. If you want a more matte look, just use skincare products and primers that aren’t shiny. If you want a glowing base, just dial up your skincare prep and primer with more dewy properties.

Similarly, you can simply take out this product with just half a pump and a Beauty Blender, or enhance the coverage with a dense foundation blush and 2-3 pumps. The foundation builds up easily and blends seamlessly no matter how much product you use for a smooth and non-cakey finish every time.

This foundation also has a lovely poreless and soft-focus effect. It does not cling to any texture on my skin and never looks dry or patchy. It is very beautiful.

Other than this, Lisa Aldridge Foundation Has serious lasting power. It lasted for 8 hours on my skin without looking oily, patchy or fading.

I can see why makeup artists would love this foundation as you can get the exact finish without much effort.

where to buy

Lisa Aldridge Foundation Image

Retailing for £44 for 30ml, you can buy directly from Foundation Lisa Aldridge,

Yes, it is expensive, but I am sure it is worth the money. It is a beautiful foundation that works smoothly into the skin to create a natural finish that never looks flashy and lasts all day. The shade range and undertones are excellent, and I believe this foundation will suit anyone. Personally, I have not used a drugstore foundation that matches the quality of this product.

Do I Recommend This Luxurious Foundation?

1,000 times yes!

You can make this foundation exactly what you want it to be: sheer and sheer, full-coverage glam matte, healthy and glowy, and so on. I love how this foundation feels weightless on my skin, and the finish is divine.

Rating: 5 stars

If you’re looking for a new foundation or want one that sits outside your typical dewy and matte ranges, I can’t recommend it. Lisa Aldridge Foundation enough!

Have you ever tried Lisa Aldridge makeup?