Nail Falling with OPI Malaga Wines, and Neighborhood Cat Politics

Well, hello reading glasses. I recently realized that in order to successfully color my nails, I need to wear a pair to see what I’m doing. Yes, that train has arrived! And I’m officially on it.

This beautiful shade by OPI is called Málaga Vino, and no joke, for the longest time I thought it was called “Málaga Vino” because of OPI’s cheeky names. Maybe I should have seen the name wearing my reading glasses, ha ha ha!

It’s a gorgeous creamy red wine and pretty much a fall shade, and while Essie Angora Cardi will forever be my number one fall color, it’s a close second. The version I have is from their Infinite Shine Gel Polish line, by the way, And I reversed it. raised in, FYI, OPI Is Done Too If You Prefer a More Traditional Nail Polish Formulation It’s In Their Regular Nail Polish Line,

It sounds cheesy, but I love how it looks like dried blood… I feel like it sends a subtle message to people not to mess with me. Side note: I wish someone had warned me in high school that most of one’s work day is devoted to keeping a neutral face and voice while you quietly rage inside.

Oh, and cat lady note, guess who stayed by this morning! Milo, my neighbor’s orange and white kitty, decided he lived at our house, too. I’ve caught him rubbing the post right next to our door, an act we affectionately call “booping.”

Anyway, he left a whole bunch of boops at the front door this morning, and then he actually tried to get into our house. I was like, “Listen dude, I love you, and you’re adorable, but Rosie-Pose will impress you.”

I have a feeling this is one very cat lady to keep an eye on the cat politics of the neighborhood, lol!

Happy Tuesday to you, and before you go, let me know if you’re wearing fall nails today.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,