new hair and ideas on gray hair

Hello Friend! (Somewhat) Greetings from the Land of the Wise. It’s amazing how cutting all the extra weight out of your hair can make you feel like a completely different person. I feel less crazy now that I don’t have five extra pounds on me!

This time I saw someone new, a stylist in my town named Heather. his own Salon-slash-beauty-studio called Sheer Beauty in downtown Novato, If you’ve ever been to Northern Marin and wanted your hair to be someone you could easily talk to, give it a shout!

I told Heather that I needed to remove some length and weight, and I’m deep at my core, a guy who likes to have long hair. I swear, every time I cut my hair anywhere above my shoulders, it always feels too short, and I immediately regret it. I also mentioned how my hair doesn’t like razor cuts, and I’m very conscious of meltdowns at my temples.

She suggested going conservative with a few longer layers at first, and then if I felt like I could go shorter, we could adjust and have more length. Then she cut some long bangs that would cover my face and help cover up the meltdown a bit.

When he cut my hair, we had a long, thoughtful conversation on naturally gray hair. I told her that I currently have mixed feelings about me. Some days, I love it, but other days, not so much.

I definitely have those moments when I look in the mirror, and I feel like Gray rolling my face hard and harsh like a mean piano teacher. In those days, I don’t feel like what is in the outside matches, how do I feel on the inside.

She mentioned almost all the women in her chair who have naturally gray hair, have similarly mixed feelings, and it’s completely normal to love and hate them at the same time.

The funny thing is, it had never occurred to me that other women would feel the same way. When you see people celebrating gray hair online, it’s almost always so joyful and enthusiastic. A raging rebellion against impossible beauty standards, raging against the machine, one gray strand at a time.

Sure, I have days when I feel great about it, but there are also days when people call me “ma’am” and I. JUST. Can not. deal.

Anyway, nice to hear that others felt the same way.

Heather recommends keeping my hair the way it is (“Don’t do that!”), adding that grays look like fully blown highlights, but if I ever want to do a semi-permanent color, So she would help me – but only if I waved her hand. Laugh out loud!

we will see. For now, I’ll keep at it.

Build Those Pleasure Muscles, Day Six

Since we’re on the topic of hair, for today’s joy exercise, two things I’m thankful for are hair related: 1) flat hair clips (awesome for tying up wild kids’ hair), and 2. ) scrub.

you know you love them

What’s on your list?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,