Purr-Fect Cat Eyeliner Flicks Are Easy With This Quick Makeup Tip Using MAC Fast Response Eye Cream and Q-Tip

A Q-Tip and MAC Fast Response Eye Cream: Your Two BFFs for Purr-fect Cat Eyeliner

It’s also one of my go-to tricks for eyeliner flicks. I used it this morning, actually!

Throughout the long, sacred (not really) history of Karen’s Cat Eyeliner Life, Volume I, I’ve done a lot of cat eyeliner on my cat lady’s lids, and over all those years, I can count the number on a paw. Many times I have captured two perfectly angled flicks. This rarely happens!

Most of the time, it’s my left flick. The right side will be fine, but the left will be skewed, the angle too low or too high, or too short or too long.

There is pretty much a guarantee that one or both flicks will need adjustment.

A quick way to fix your eyelashes is with an eye cream and a Q-tip. What I would do is soak the Q-tip with a little cream, then run along the edges of the flick to quickly sharpen them and/or correct any mistakes, all while adding some extra moisture around my eye area (I want some anyway).

MAC Fast Response Eye Cream is one of my favorite creams to use for this trick. It’s caffeinated for anti-puffiness power and absorbs quickly into my skin without leaving a greasy residue, so I can layer makeup on top of it without waiting.

Just a quick eye makeup tip if you’re error-prone at times (like I am).

Fierce kitten for everyone!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,