Scrunchies, The Unsung Heroes of the Hair World, and TGIF!

my life needs more investigation

TGIF, my friend! Thank god we’ve reached the end of the week because last night I had another evening of elusive sleep, and I’m barely working. This time the topic of keeping me awake was – don’t laugh – investigate.

It’s occurred to me recently that I need to treat my mane with more TLC, so I’m going to forgo the curling iron and stick to hair accessories that are less likely to damage my strands. it occurs.

During last night’s witching hour, I made a mental list of things I needed to buy, including hosiery-made elastics. (It’s a thing!)Jaw clips and yes, scrunchies.

I like to get some scrunchies in neutral colors – brown, tan, black, cream and taupe. If I find anything of note when I come to Ulta and Sephora over the weekend, I’ll let you know.

Apparently since I was already up in the middle of the night, YouTube decided it would be a good time for me to fall down the 45-minute rabbit hole, LOL!

i ended up somehow fitness marshal’s channelWhich eventually inspired me to dance with the night lights in my bathroom at three o’clock.

I can’t be the only person who has done this. There must be others.

Anyway, oddly enough, I felt like I was in a club, except it wasn’t crowded, or dirty, or full of dudes trying to touch my butt, and I was in my pajamas.

Be warned: Watching these clips might make you want to wear a mesh shirt and shake your @ss excitedly.

Laugh out loud! Happy Friday to you, Happy Friday!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,