Share Your Self-Care List – Makeup & Beauty Blog

What’s on you currently?

Since I’ve learned that I’ll be laid off and my last day at work is next Monday, I’m going back and forth between all the emotions—stress, anger, acceptance and, oddly enough, relief, just a few. to keep the name.

A list of simple self-care essentials for me today:

  • wash face
  • brush teeth
  • fix hair
  • wax ‘stache
  • wear cute tops and pants
  • paint nails
  • do some makeup
  • wear earrings and necklaces
  • work out
  • write just for fun
  • drink water
  • Eat enough protein (side note: I didn’t realize until I was an adult how important this is for real, OMG)
  • plan for tomorrow
  • Take Three Job Search Tasks (They Can Be Small)
  • text a friend

However, I hold onto hope and tell the universe that we are all ready for the good things that are in store for us.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,