Summers coral lips and cheeks, and what’s the equivalent of being an adult

Coral Lips: MAC Crossfade. Coral Cheeks: Laura Mercier Corsica.

Adults equal…

  1. Saying things like “wood rot” and “gum meltdown” and “deployment calendar” and “reinventing myself”.
  2. Packing an emergency go-bag for fire season.
  3. Being tormented by aggressive hyphenation.
  4. Flossing, and liking it.
  5. Tracking your protein portions.
  6. Listening effortlessly (96.5 KOIT, you know what’s up) while cutting vegetables for dinner.
  7. Knowing that you need rest to keep working, and then (GASP) taking that rest.
  8. Always drinking water.
  9. Keep two minutes of makeup hidden at your desk specifically for video work calls.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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