Sunday With Tabs the Cat, makeup and beauty blog Mascot, Vol. 713

Rosie was wondering if you’ve ever spent the night in a tent because it was being hit by a deluge of rain.

Yes? No? Possible?

When he asked me this today, the first time I replied “Yes!”

We went camping this weekend Cassini Ranch Family Campground On the Russian River, and because Rosie is family, I invited her to come with us. There for a second, I thought she’d say yes because she’s currently in etymology, but she said a soft “no thank you”, and then under her breath about not meeting up with Gordy, the current Cassini Camp Cat mascot. Something murmured.

You know, I’m not surprised that Rosie refused. She’s the type of cat who gets too caught up in her plots, so a lot of other cats assume she’s standoffish or apathetic, but in reality, she’s just working on the equations of science in her head.


Tab, on the other hand, was your last outdoor cat. He jumped at every opportunity to spend time camping, fishing, and backpacking through the remote jungle.

They did, in fact, start a camp for up-and-coming feline supermodels to become one with nature and use their experiences in their future modeling campaigns, and it’s still going strong. Many of his supporters are making their name on social media.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,