Sunday With Tabs the Cat, makeup and beauty blog Mascot, Vol. 714

Tabs loved being in the fast lane, so it’s no surprise that he loved fast cars. Maseratis, Lamborghinis…anything that ends in “ITI” or “INI” had that. Sadly, I never got a chance to drive a car in his personal collection. He kept them offsite in a temperature-controlled warehouse, and when he passed away, he gifted his entire car collection to his foundation…

Fun fact: When it came to backseat driving it was terrible. I couldn’t even drive for Trader Joe’s without knowing how to merge into the wrong lane or make a turn here instead of there. I remembered many things about him, but I do not miss him.

Not many people know this, but he was actually the true genius behind Tesla. He worked on the original design team and pushed like them to make the car curvy. I


Talking about Tesla, Rosie has just got another job offer. Looks like they’re coming left and right these days. It was for the Cats team to be Tesla’s lead scientist for its electric cars.

Yes! – There is a market for cars that are fuel efficient and are powered by cats.

I advised her to really think about taking it as she is already working for several biotech companies, as well as freelancing for SpaceX, that’s how she got Tesla’s offer. They were greatly impressed by his mathematical calculations.

Anyway, I guess she’s too busy for another job, but we’ll see.

If she takes it, I think I’m going to be her assistant full time.

Exciting things on the horizon! I

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