Sunday With Tabs the Cat, makeup and beauty blog Mascot, Vol. 717

My dear you are a bomb! Yes, I just quoted Katy Perry, who was the star of one of Tabby’s annual Fourth of July barbecues.

That year I was in charge of the fireworks display, which isn’t something you typically find in a cat assistant’s job description, but when you help out a high-powered kitty supermodel, you’re a fan of the big display. Or learn two things.

I think he mostly liked this holiday because the red, white and blue looked really cool with his fur…

But he also loved the social aspect of it, hanging out with his closest friends like Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Seacrest… basically all Ryan.


For many years I worked on the Fourth of July, but now that I help Rosie, she gives me leave. He is a kind owner; I’ll give that to him. But I don’t know if this is true kindness. I think she wanted the day to work its way.

Right now she’s working on discovering a formula for maximizing the cat-to-hot dog ratio at any 4th of July barbecue… she’s also working on using science to achieve maximum satiety with minimal effort. is about. I

As a tribute to Tabs, she decided to wear her Independence Day collar design this year, but with a special rosy twist, with a red rose on her blue and white collar.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,