Sunday With Tabs the Cat, makeup and beauty blog Mascot, Vol. 722

Tabs had a special affinity for flowers, and I’m not just mentioning how she gnawed at my snapdragons and gerbera daisies.

He loved the colour, the fragrance – oh, the fragrance! You know, just before moving on to Rainbow Bridge, we reworked their 10-year business plan, and it involved developing fragrance notes from their favorite flowers into a line of candles for the home. She was then about to be transformed into an entire home decor line, which would then allow her to springboard to become the Martha Stewart of cats.

I have to hand it to my little friend; He always dreamed big. I

He would never admit it, because he always wanted to be his cat, but his favorite floral scent was the same as mine – violets.


I’ve asked Rosie if roses are really her favorite flower, but I usually get a non-answer. She goes on and on about the different hybrid varieties of roses and the technical aspects of growing them, but she never really sat down and said, “Mrow,” which translates to “I love the smell of roses.” ”

I looked at her today through Tabs’ old business notes and deciphered her plans to launch a fragrance/home empire, and I think her wheels got a turn. I keep getting books about perfumery and the science behind fragrance, so maybe she’s creating something new.

I’m about to cross my fingers that this is beauty related. I

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,