Sunday With Tabs the Cat, makeup and beauty blog Mascot, Vol. 723

Tabs was a workaholic, it’s true, but the one thing she was really good at was setting her own limits. He knew when it was time to take a break, and his break? They were epic. I’m talking a month-long stay at the highest end spas around the world. I often got FaceTime calls poolside. I’d say, “Boss, you look so relaxed,” and then he’ll start making a whole list of things for me, because, you know, empires don’t move by themselves. I

And if he ever heard a whisper of a sigh from me on the other end of the line, it would be a reminder of how close I am to greatness, and that most people don’t have the privilege of seeing history in action. Remember, remember, remember… I am a master at making poker faces real quick.

Oh God! One time, I got one of his FaceTime calls, and I picked him up from my list of 20 things to do in the next hour hoping to rattle him, but instead, I’d watch him and Oprah Winfrey chill together at the Fairmont Am. Island in Hawaii. They both had some kind of healthy juice, but there was an umbrella in it. I don’t know what was going on there…


I don’t think Rosie quite understands what chillax means. Like Tabs, he is also a workaholic. I think the girl’s spa day Conor and I inspired her to try something new last week.

Chances are he has read something psychology today About the mental benefits of relaxation, and perhaps she’s doing it as part of a self-hacking experiment.

I can see it right now… “Increasing Your Mental Ability Through Relaxation: A Primer for High Achieving Cats.” I

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,