Sunday With Tabs the Cat, makeup and beauty blog Mascot, Vol. 727

Tabes recognized that good pet helpers were hard to come by, and he was a firm believer in starting training early, ideally before the age of one.

When Connor was accepted into Tabs the Cat School for Junior Pet Assistants, it was a huge honor. She got to work with the maestro herself, learning about a pet assisted living business, developing good listening skills, proper petting, pampering, structured play time and food preparation.

Connor graduated summa cum appreciation, and Tabs was kind enough to give him a shining letter of recommendation. She was all set for her first real job as a junior pet assistant.


When she saw Rosie’s job posting for a pet assistant, Connor applied and made it through all six interviews. He got the job! And now he is in the second year of his new career.

Rosie has been a great cat to work with. She may be tough, but she is kind and listens. She treats her employees well.

It’s always good when you have a good boss. I

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,