Sunday With Tabs The Cat, makeup and beauty blog Mascot, Vol. 728

Oh my god, the first rain of the season! It was the first rain of the season. Before normal, and it didn’t rain much, but it got real down there for a while. It started late last night, and of course Rosie was fired. She was walking around the house, checking all the windows. There was some wind blowing along with it, so the branches and leaves were shaking.

You know how cats are. Her spider was blown away by whatever movement was going on outside, so she was on full alert!

Back when Tabes was the King of the House, he was like that. He was always fired during rain storms. In fact, he always demanded that I take him outside when it rained.

It was like a special occasion, but of course, as soon as he actually got out there and got wet, well, diva mode inevitably kicked in.


Rosie handled it almost the same way.

He demanded that Connor and I take him out to realize very quickly – Eve! My paws are wet! This is not good!

However, he eventually got over it, and started exploring.

One thing both Tabs and Rosie wholeheartedly agree on is this: rain means rainbow, which means rain isn’t bad. I

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,