Sunday With Tabs The Cat, makeup and beauty blog Mascot, Vol. 733

When Tabs famously arrived at their annual Fierce Feline Costume Ball in 2015, wearing nothing but a black candy corn-themed bow tie, it was fire. I

“Fearless,” wrote Anna Wintour at the time. ‚ÄúPure, unadulterated talent. Tab is without equals. With a simple necktie, they’ve rocked the feline fashion world to its core and created a seismic shift in the way cats dress themselves. ,


Like most cats, Rosie has heard about that crucial moment. I mean, what the heck isn’t it? They teach it in most universities.

It has long inspired her fashion choices, but clearly never quite like this year.

This year, Rosie decided to go all out because of the candy corn related.

This will be her official Halloween 2022 costume, of course, inspired by Tabbs, her fashion consultant.

What are you wearing for Halloween?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,