Sunday With Tabs The Cat, makeup and beauty blog Mascot, Vol. 734

Tabs never took the opportunity to dress up, and it’s funny… the more elaborate and more time-consuming the Halloween costume, the more time-consuming it was.

He constantly made fun of my need to be comfortable. I think there was a costume a year that included eight different fittings, a special suit engineered by Spanx just for her, and 13 different types of bird feathers…


I told him several times that dressing down can be chic. did he ever hear


Case in point – the year she dressed as The Queen of Hearts.

Yes, I said queen. He was moving forward thinking like this. I


As you know, Rosie takes a more minimalist approach. She was content wearing a TODAY Halloween-inspired bow tie during our weekly Sunday walk.

I offered to take her to Dolce or Dior, or any of the big houses with which we still have a relationship because of Taubes’ legacy, but she absolutely declined.

He said something like “I am the cat of the people” and left it there.

Not that he didn’t participate in our Halloween Adventures, though. She surprisingly insisted on doing the art direction for Pumpkins. I think she recently read an article in Scientific Cat Journal about expanding your neural potential through creative pursuits, which is why she was so invested in pumpkin projects here.

happy Halloween! I

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,