Sunday With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 737

Tabs the Cat – Supermodel, philanthropist, barrier breaker and arctic explorer.

The husky boy loved snow. In fact, I think his mustache would have grown a little less if he found out that we wouldn’t be able to go on the trip to Lake Tahoe because of a last minute illness, which is basically what happened to us this weekend.

No, it was not Covid. Just another virus, but all three of us caught it, which is why I’ve been out of commission this week. I am absolutely delirious from lack of sleep since Wednesday.

As Tabs would say, tomorrow is a new day. We’re all feeling a little better now, but we still had to cancel a trip we planned to play in the snow this weekend in Tahoe.

Tabes’ loving touch would have been handy this weekend, because it’s never too late to have an extra set of paws to nurse to health.

He was an angel when it came to taking care of his assistant when she was down for the count.

That said, there were a few times when Tabes overly enthusiastically offered to operate on me…and whenever I told him no, he was shocked by it. I don’t know how he managed to get a medical degree in between all his other endeavors, but he did!


Rosie, another ice lover, also has a valid medical license.

Even though she’s driven by the cold, hard facts of science, she’s also loving and sweet when her assistants aren’t operating at 100% efficiency, so she was a good caregiver this week.

One thing though? I don’t know if it was a crazy dream due to lack of sleep or not, but for some reason I vaguely remember being transferred on a gurney to a surgical observation room at one point. In fever dreams, Rosie had put on her scrubs and that cold, inquisitive look she sometimes gets when she’s deep in her pursuit of scientific knowledge.

Yeah, I don’t know what was happening to him… 🤷‍♀️

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,