Sunscreen shout-out! Bliss Block Star

I discovered Bliss Block Star Sunscreen around this time last year, and it’s been trending ever since!

“Hey, now! You’re the block star. Turn up your game, play.”
Hey now! You are a block star. Turn on the show, get paid.
And all that shines is gold;
Only shooting stars break the mold. ,

Sorry girl, but I had to do it. This song makes its way into my mind whenever I pick up Block Star, the newest item to join the Bliss permanent lineup. It’s a physical sunscreen, and like all the items in Bliss’s skin care collection, this tinted mineral sunscreen is cruelty-free.

I wore it on my mug the other day when El Hub hugged me, and he said, “You smell really good.”

good sign!

It smells like lavender, and it stays on for about 15 minutes or so. I love it, and apparently peeps in my circle!

Tan Tint is a wonder. It appears lighter and peachier than CeraVe tinted mineral sunscreens, so I guess it would not work for someone like me with tan skin, but it completely vanishes after rubbing it off.

There is a slight cast at the beginning…but after it sets (about 10 minutes), it disappears, and all that’s left is a smooth, matte finish.

Bliss Block Star

This lotion feels silky, and I don’t feel like I have to jump through any hoops to get my skin to absorb it, possibly due to the dimethicone included. If you’re a fan of that distinctive smooth, silicone-style slip, you’ll probably love how it feels on your skin.

I also like how it doesn’t burn or sting my eyes, and I can take it all day. It’s an extremely easy sunscreen to touch up and reapply, and I think it’s even easier to use than CeraVe.

If you’re debating between CeraVe and Block Star, I’d say opt for Block Star if you like lavender and the feel of “silicone slip” and CeraVe if moisture is your top priority. Both are solid choices, IMO, and you can’t go wrong with either.

A 1.4-oz. The Tube is $19.99 at Target, Will definitely keep it in rotation.

Build Those Pleasure Muscles, Day 11

Keeping it simple today. Two things I’m thankful for: 1) sunny days that don’t get too hot, and 2) for smooth pens that don’t flake off while writing. Laugh out loud!

Hope things go well on your end! happy Wednesday.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,