Surfing Saturday, 2 July 2022!

May Saturday be a sweet and sunny day!

Well there, friend. Happy Caterday to you! See what I found a few weeks ago at Cost Plus. Did you have this candy when you were a kid? I used to eat it all the time. We’ll ride our bikes to all the kids in the old part of town called “The Chinese Store”, park our wheels in front (without locking them!), and we’ll go in to buy Popsicles, Lemonheads, and Boughton Rice. Candy. Gotta love those summer staples!

What will you and the kid crew in your street do during a hot summer day?

this week’s readings

I was really hoping he would say “Yeah!”


Okay, don’t chilies age? Where is the fountain of his youth?

It looks like good fun.

love this song!

Another old fountain from back in the day.

Take a good rest of your weekend. I will spend on cleaning and ordering the house! I even have to stop at Macy’s to see the furniture.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,