Surfing Saturday, August 13, 2022!

good morning gorgeous! Good luck, good Saturday. Getting off to a slow start this morning because it’s been a long week, and I’ve been officially tapped out. Connor was at home with me all week, so between writing flashy headlines and brief marketing campaign briefs, I was playing with him.

Her favorite things at the moment are drawing on the street with chalk and playing a game she calls “wild kids”. How does one play “Wild Kid”? Well, thanks for asking. This includes running around the grassy area in our circle without shoes, searching for a four-leaf clover, collecting sticks, not falling into a dangerous imaginary river, and sometimes pretending to free a neighbor’s parrot from prison. is included. In all these scenarios, I am always the younger sister, who also happens to be a child. *shrug*

Don’t ask me why it requires so much mental and physical energy! Let’s say you’ve crossed a bridge when you need to drink a lot of coffee to be with a six-year-old, LOL!


On one hand I am very tired, but on the other I am enjoying this time with him.

I know soon the scenario will be so different, and I’ll drink coffee to stay awake while I wait for her curfew to come home.

I have a quick question for those of you who have had an only child, or who was an only child. One thing I’m constantly wondering about is how to help Connor feel lonely.

I mean, having a sibling didn’t stop me from feeling lonely when I was growing up; My brother and I are six years apart and don’t have much in common. Plus, I was wildly jealous of all the discounts my parents were given since she was a baby and boy – but that’s another story. Still, my brother and I share the same sense of humour, and we have the same memories of growing up in the family.

I have absolutely no plans for another child, so Connor won’t have the experience to share with anyone. How do I give something like that? Can I do anything to avoid feeling lonely?

If you have any advice I’d love to hear it.

Anyway, on to this week’s reading!

Fancy lady stuff!

I am feeling this vibe.

Go on, Miss Patti!

seriously. The. Best.

French street style.

Well, it was really fun chatting with you this week. Make the most of your Saturday!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,