Surfing Saturday, August 20, 2022!

Greetings! Happy Caterday. How’s your day going so far? good I hope.

Check this out – last night’s dinner. Nothing fancy, just spaghetti with red sauce and parmesan cheese because by the time I reach Friday I’m too tired to cook anything complicated. My neighbor gave me some fresh basil, so I couldn’t stop making a vat of pasta.

This brings me to the picture at the top. Anyone else who needs to change their shirt before eating anything with red sauce? I have a lively UC Davis tee, complete with frayed edges and holes in the armpits, that I only wear when I’m eating spaghetti. Laugh out loud!

I can’t be the only person who can’t be trusted to eat a tomato-based meal with a white shirt.

Anyway, ‘this was an exciting week at the end. Connor not only started first grade, he also lost his first tooth.

It was a good customer and didn’t panic at all. He told me, “I took a bite of my lunch, my tooth got stuck in my food, and it turned right out. No big deal.”

Does anyone know the rates for teeth whitening from the Tooth Fairy?

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