Surfing Saturday, August 27, 2022!

Hello Saturday!

reasons to love saturday

  • Waking up without an alarm clock.
  • Watching movies in an uninterrupted time. Side note: On weekdays, it usually takes me several days to watch a movie! I have to hold it in small increments during the week. I don’t know if it’s a mom thing, but it didn’t start until I had Connor.
  • Stretch while watching the said movie.
  • Blink.
  • When El Hub has breakfast (he usually has breakfast first).
  • The sound of a house that is busy and full of life when everyone is home; Right now Rosie is meowing, Connor is watching “Sesame Street” and El Hub is looking after the yard.
  • Running into nice neighbors I haven’t seen all week.
  • Listen to music.
  • Browsing Ulta for hair products (on my to-do list for today).
  • Cleaning. I know, technically not fun, but I feel better once things settle down a bit.
  • Meeting up with friends I haven’t talked to all week.
  • Working out and not feeling pressured to complete it by a certain amount of time.
  • It’s time to just look out the window and daydream.
  • Doing takeout or going out to dinner.
  • Visiting the pet store to see all the adoptable cats and kittens.
  • Around my house wearing Old Navy high waist bike shorts. Honestly, they are the best.

On an unrelated note, my neighbor came over this morning and gifted me a random assortment of produce that included a large head of cabbage. I rarely cook cabbage, so what should I do with it? She suggests quartering it and then frying it with olive oil, tomatoes, salt and pepper. Hmm! If you have any ideas, let me know.

On this week’s reading!

lots of fun!
Speaking of cabbage…

Talk to me, doctor.

Have a wonderful Saturday, my friend!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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