Surfing Saturday, July 9, 2022!

happy Saturday!

You know when you’re having a good day? It’s perfect to take a picture, so when your favorite Anastasia brow pencil suddenly and mysteriously disappears, you remember what your brows looked like before your world suddenly turned upside down. Laugh out loud! I

I’m not sure what happened to my pencil, but I think Rosie may have found it and rolled it into the same black hole where all my hair is tied.

I’ve gone through two full days of back-to-back meetings with Ghost Eyebrows because I haven’t had a chance to hold another one by Ulta. This is definitely on my list of things to do today!

Happy Saturday to you. I

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talk to me!

I need it.

Please someone make it for me!

*The* Trader Joe’s Sunscreen!!!



I hope you have a good start to the day. what are you up to this weekend?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,