Surfing Saturday, October 1, 2022!

A matching mom and I manicure!

Happy first day of October friend. We’re headed to the pumpkin patch today, so to celebrate this exciting event, Connor asked if we could get a matching orange manicure. I let her choose a shade at Ulta, and she chose a creamy pumpkin shade from Sally Hansen Insta-Dry (768 Tis the Sea-Sun). Considering that I painted my nails last night while I was half asleep, I think our matching mani turned out just fine!

What are the pumpkin patches on your way? Our area has meadows, corn pits, game and pet zoo animals, and at some farms, they even have pumpkins, which you can also pick fresh off the vine.

I’m hoping it won’t be too hot at the pumpkin patch today because in the past, we’ve baked in the heat! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I can’t wait for the weather to get cold and cold again.

this week’s readings

I am here for this.

And now I can’t even wait to see it!

Rosie Pose, I’m looking at you.

note to self.


Have a nice Saturday, and please take a moment to relax today! it’s important.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,