Surfing Saturday, October 29, 2022!

Hey friend Happy Caterday!

My new favorite thing lately has been making banana bread for my friends and neighbors. It’s one of the things I’m doing to preserve my spirit; There’s just something about giving a baked treat that makes my heart feel good.

i am using this easy recipe, It also works great with gluten-free flour if you’re allergic to wheat!

Anyway, I’m done and wrapping up with my last projects at work. My last day is Monday – Halloween! I’m half tempted to show up in my meetings dressed up in a mad state.

Droop-da-two, just the chill in this tree in my front yard.

Or maybe I just throw in some panda ears and call it a day?

happy Halloween!

You know I like to keep things interesting.

Are you (or your little ones) dressing up this year? Coywolf is doing a mermaid vibe.

this week’s readings

To my curly girls!

OK, there’s makeup in it *Chef Kiss.*

Maybe it is necessary.

Why doesn’t stuff like this ever happen when I go to Chipotle?

Important notice!

Microneedling 411.

Have a nice rest of your weekend!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,