Surfing Saturday, September 17th, 2022!

Good morning, and Happy Caterday!

Last night, I was about to fall in bed when I made the mistake of checking Netflix. Did you know that “The Great British Baking Show” has a new season? Yes, you are welcome. Laugh out loud! Of course, even though I was half asleep, I had to fire up the first episode because it was all about the cake!

Be ready. Get ready. bake!

I’ll have to revisit it this weekend to fully appreciate the cake design and flavor combinations, but there’s one part I was totally awake to when bakers had to make Red Velvet Cake.

Have you ever eaten Red Velvet Cake? It is heavenly. I haven’t had this age. Red velvet is a light cocoa cake with a very distinctive touch, and typically, it is topped with a cream cheese frosting. When I worked at the bakery for a hot second, red velvet cupcakes were my favorite!

Red Velvet FTW.

Anyway, I realized I needed a piece of Red Velvet cake in my life, ASAP. I can try to make a whole cake, or I can just buy a piece. Haven’t decided yet! I love the idea of ​​the challenge of making an entire cake and making the frosting from scratch. However, it’s been a while since I felt the urge to bake. I was really burned out being the family’s 24/7 cook during the pandemic, and I’ve been doing only the minimum amount to feed everyone for the past year. I think Mojo will be back eventually. In fact, I made banana bread a few weeks ago, and I wasn’t crazy about it.

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Take a good rest of your weekend, and take care of yourself, ‘K?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,