Thoughts on MAC Cream and Coffee in Your Coffee Lipstick

I’m Wearing MAC Cream in Your Coffee Lipstick!

Neutral lip lovers who love coffee, you have to get mac cream in your coffee in your life, ASAP. It is a mid-tone pinkish brown with a semi-glossy finish that I (GULP) have been wearing since 2011.

It looks great with all shades of brown, plum, taupe and bronze. If you wear and love MAC Satin Taupe (which I am lightly dusting on my lids in the picture above), then you have to try it out with this lippie. They work so well together.

Speaking of coffee-related things, it looks like MAC Half ‘n’ Half Lipstick, a shade I’ve loved for years, has been discontinued. Rip for this neutral beauty!

thoughts on coffee

  • I wonder if anyone else has time for a coffee bite? I usually don’t have one after 3 pm because if I have a cup after that, I find it hard to sleep at night.
  • On that note, I dread people who can drink strong coffee after dinner and still sleep normally at night. There is no way I can do this.
  • I can’t remember when I started drinking coffee regularly, right? I think I was in college? I may be in my early 20s.
  • Certainly the best coffee ice cream is Haagen Dazs.
  • I haven’t had drip coffee in a while (Nespresso-4-Life), but when I was drinking it every day, I loved Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.
  • Lipstick Swatch A Thon Mug Coffee
    get in my belly!
  • Anyone else reach the point where very sweet coffee is not drinkable? I don’t know how I got there, but here I am.
  • I’ve never had a cup of coffee door dashed. I’ve seen my neighbors do this, and I don’t understand. Maybe I’m too old school, but it really doesn’t take much time to get in my car and go on a drive through Coffee Place down the street.
  • Black coffee tastes like pun – must have milk and creamer.
  • PS: Creamer. I can’t deal with oat, almond or soy milk creamer. Give me half half or whole milk. There’s something about how I feel when dairy coats my tongue that I absolutely need. Plant milk doesn’t have the same feel, and that’s a big deal for me.
  • I turn to these kicks when I need to drink coffee in a certain mug in the morning. Lately this has been a blue and beige “cat person” mug that I got as a gift.
  • I have so many original memories of elementary school teachers leaning over my shoulder to explain something and the smell of coffee on their breath!
  • Weird, but I don’t think I’ve ever brought coffee anywhere in a thermos that has an attached cup.
  • I’ve weaned myself off coffee my whole life just for fun (and to see if I can do it), but at this point I don’t know if I can do without 1) be apart or 2) a monster or 3) some combination of both 1 and 2.
  • Weak coffee, which tastes like lukewarm brown water, is the worst.
  • I wonder if there exists such a thing as a Chanel-branded coffee maker? I mean, if a channel can be a surfboard, why not a channel coffee maker?
  • Last but certainly not least, which is your favorite coffee?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,