What do you think about the disappearance of print beauty magazines?

Will miss you, Allure.

Allure recently announced that they would stop printing the magazine and move to an all-digital platform; The final print edition will be December 2022.

It was always one of my favorites, so it bothers me. I’m going to miss curling up on my couch with the latest version and a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning.

Truth be told, I’m not really surprised that they took this step. With all the different social media platforms popping up over the past 10 years, beauty lovers have so many different avenues to get their beauty news, and print is much more than just the quick fixes you can find online. seems slow.

I still enjoy a very long, deeply researched beauty story; I also like to have a physical object while I read. I love the feeling of feeling the weight of a magazine in my hand and the pages between my fingers. I also don’t always want to stare at a screen all the time, you know?

Oh, and the ability to tear pages! I’m gonna miss it a lot.

Where were you in November 2000? apparently I was tearing the pages of magazines

Magazines are disappearing. However, I’m glad I can still remember the feeling of receiving new issues in the mail, or stocking up on them at the airport before a long flight.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,