Which makeup shades are most (and least) flattering on you?

Good Friday, friend!

Let’s see, the shades which are most flattering on my tan skin tone (I am NC 42 in MAC) are pretty much in the warm, but not too hot, category. For eye makeup, warm browns, taupe, purple and bronze are my go-to shades – NARS FaZe and MAC Satin Taupe All Day, Every Day!

However, there seems to be a fine line between too hot and too hot. Like, if an eyeshadow has a lot of intensely warm red or orange tones, it looks really weird on me, like I’ve had a cold, or I’m crying.

Bright jewel tones look good on me too. I’ll take all purple, blue and green eyeliner. I

For blush and lipstick, I love warm shades of pink or coral; I think I can pull off reds and browns decently too. I have a hard time with plum and wine shades, which is why I don’t wear them as much.

How are you? Which makeup shades are most and least flattering on you?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,